Cluck old hen

Cluck Old Hen

Let’s learn the song Cluck Old Hen!

Cluck Old Hen

Cluck Old Hen is an American Old-Time tune.


My old hen is a good old hen,
She lays eggs for the railroad men.
Sometimes one, sometimes two,
She lays egg for the whole darn crew.

Cluck old hen, cluck and sing,
Ain’t laid an egg since way last spring.
Cluck old hen, cluck and squall,
Ain’t laid an egg since way last fall.

Cluck old hen, cluck when I tell you,
Cluck old hen, or I’m gonna sell you.
Last time she cackled, cackled in the lot,
Next time she cackles, be cacklin’ in the pot.

I had an old hen, she had a wooden leg,
Best old hen that never laid an egg.
Laid more eggs than any hen around the barn,
Another drink of whiskey wouldn’t do you any harm.

My old hen made a great big fuss,
Wake up mama, and it’s making her cuss.
Peck and squall, cackle and strut,
I think everybody hates her guts.

My old hen’s a mean old hen,
Keep her locked in a barbwire pen.
Lost me work, cost me corn,
Scratching at dirt the whole day long.

My old hen, she won’t do,
She lays eggs and taters too.
Sometimes nine, sometimes ten,
That’s enough eggs for the railroad men.


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